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Many years ago my dad's lungs collapsed and he was rushed to the hospital one week before Christmas. When he came home on December the 23rd he found out that he had lost his job, the doctors had taken all the money with their bills and we only had one can of beans in the house. No tree, no presents, and no gas (I didn't know about the last till years later).

Mom and Dad didn't know what to do so they prayed for my brother and I, then they prayed for the church and just before they started to pray for our problems there came a knock at the door.

When I answered the door there was a whole lot of people outside, they had a tree, they had presents with bright ribbons and bows tied around them. My brother and I were so excited we could bust!

About a hour later there was another knock at the door, this time the people at the door had bags and bags of groceries. We filled up the cabinets, we filled up the refrigerator, we even piled bags on the kitchen table and still ended up with more!

Then around 10-11 o'clock at night on Christmas Eve another knock came at the door. There was just three or four people there from our own church but they had this envelope that they gave to my dad, in it was enough money to pay all the bills (even the rent) for the month!

Now some people tell me prayer doesn't work, but you know, I just thank God that whatever you want to call it God really does hear and answer.


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