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my dogs

when I movied to mich from tenn. I had two dogs, both were toy poodles,I had to stay with my brother till i found a job and my own place, every other weekend i had to stay with my parents,i found that my brother was being mean to my dogs while i was away. so i prayed asking God to send the right people to me who will love my dogs as i do, and he did. now i have my own place and two different dogs, one of my new puppies is the pup of the girl dog i had to give up, so in some ways i still have a part of my katie,
i had forgotton the ladys name and phone number that had gotton katie, but when i went looking for a puppie i saw in the papers an add for toy poodles and went to the ladys home come to find out it was the same lady who has katie,


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