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The Mission

This one is based on a true story from my Dad's life when he was 10 years old.

The Mission

   Cleo finished dragging the giant cardboard box down to the trees beside the creek and then sat down with a huff. “This is hard,” he thought to himself yet he was determined not to go back. “They might be family but I won’t take another beating.” Resolutely, he got back up and started to pull the bamboo shoots out of the ground while the clouds rolled in overhead.

   “Get down there!” Justin yelled at her. “Down where?” Rachel asked, “I don’t see anyone that…” Justin interrupted, “He’s safe right now but you have to hurry, Go, there isn’t much time. I’ll keep these others away for now.” struggling with two of the Fallones, Justin gestured with his wings which way Rachel should go. Nodding once, Rachel folded her own wings and dived.

   Cleo finished poking holes in the bamboo sections and started to lay them down end to end so he could jam them together, making a path from the spewing gas coming out of the hill to his cardboard box. The wind was picking up, it’s cold bite was causing Cleo to shiver but he knew that was nothing compared to what the storm was going to bring. He had to hurry.

   As Rachel dove through the clouds she had to dodge more of the Fallones that sought to prevent her from her mission. Several had struck at her with their swords and only the quick twisting of her body had brought her shield up in time to stop the blows which would have stopped her. She could see the boy now, a tiny speck in the distance crawling into some kind of box as the blizzard began to settle in. Flying wasn’t fast enough, she folded her wings in and kicked down, falling faster than any meteor determined to reach him in time.

  Cleo was almost crying he was so cold, and the lid to the box refused to stay closed. The snow shot through the openings in the box and he had already wasted two of his matches trying to light the gas that came through the makeshift bamboo pipe. “Maybe if I lean over the opening I can get it to light” Cleo thought as he turned and hunkered over the hissing gas.

  Rachel loosed her cords from her waist and dropped them in place over the box, sealing it shut as she plunged inside. Straight to the opening of the pipe she shot and wrapped her hands around it just as Cleo’s match sparked and lit the gas. It would have been a explosion but her hands contained it and channeled it into the flame that the boy desired. Her wings spread out and over the flame, preventing its heat from catching the box on fire. Outside, the blizzard howled and the Fallones screamed. Inside, Cleo smiled and watched the flames, “They almost look like angels wings” he thought, as he closed his eyes in sleep.


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