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posticon The New Day

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 Good Morning everyone!! emoticon
  Grab a cup sit back, relax, and then Praise GOD for the beautiful morning that HE has gave us. emoticon

Many times we look for blessings but we don't see GOD'S Blessings because we are looking for the great things and fail to see the little things. We want to see a burning bush like Moses or we expect a miracle of healing, or we want to see a prophet that was swallowed by a whale and we fail to see GOD'S Bounty!
  Look at the sunrise, GOD painted it just for you. Look at the wildflowers growing along side the road, GOD planted them for you!! Look at the child or grandchild running to greet you, GOD sent them to you!!
  Remember blessings come in all sizes and catergories and we need to look for them and notice them when they come. One of the greatest Blessings that I have ever received is my 7 year old grandson placing his arms around my neck and saying "Papa I Love You!
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  The blessings get no better than this. THANK YOU GOD FOR THIS BLESSING!!!


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Re: The New Day

I want to thank God that he provided for a trip over to Tyndale Seminary. I have been looking for a book but didn't know the title or author (which makes things just a wee bit difficultemoticon.

Imagine my delight to see the book in the small Tyndale Seminary bookstore! "The Sovereignty of God" by Arthur W. Pink. They asked for more than it would have cost me if I had remembered enough to find it on the Internet but I figured God had a reason for me finding the book there so I went ahaed and bought it.


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