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Contractor help!

I was feeling really down today when I got to church. Once again a member who said they would show up and fix something didn't show and that is depressing. Then I figured I would just pay the bills and go home, nothing else to do anyway. So after I paid the last bill I walked outside and there was a man in this vw van that asked if I spoke spanish and I told him no. He then said his english wasn't to good but wanted to know if I could use some help rebuilding the church. I said yes but the church is broke right now (we have been ripped off by two contractors). He said thats ok, he is Catholic but figured a church is for God so this saturday he and a friend are going to come over and bring all the wood left over from rebuilding his house to see if they can at least finish the office area of the church, no charge for God!!!

What an unexpected blessing God has given, I know it doesn't look it but I really am just about speachless...


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Re: Contractor help!

Pastor Rick,
 GOD'S blessings come from the strangest places sometimes and we are shocked when it happens but we shouldn't be.
  The Church where I pastor was a small mission church when I first came there and although we are not a whole lot bigger we have grown some and five years ago we were constituted and became a full fledged Baptist Church. However what I wanted to tell you is about when we had to move our trailer that we meet in because the guy that let us use his land had sold it and the new owners wanted us to move.
  This was about three and a half years ago. The members just didn't know what to do and there was talk about closing the church and this went on for about 4 or 5 months. While this was happening I preached several sermons on committment to GOD'S plans but nobody seemed to notice. Finally one morning GOD put it on my heart to put it to a vote. We either close the doors or we find a place and move. Of course before the vote everyone was asking where are we going to move to and I said "I don't know but it doesn't matter all GOD wants is a committment and then HE will take care of it. We voted to move by a two vote margin.
  The next Sunday we were praying about GOD'S leading us to where we were to move to and how we could do it. A visitor in the church asked about it and after we explained it he offered to buy a lot that he knew of and give it to the church.
  We immediately said that was OK with us.
To make a long story short after about 4 months he got that lot for us and we started to set things up so we could move.
We found out we had to have two lots in order to put in a septic system and another person donated the lot next door to us. We got the trailer moved for $800.00 but then we had to do the sit up and tie down ourselves besides the water and septic system and all the electrical. For almost a year we met in two of our members houses while trying to get it done. After that year we did get back in our church building and the move, the permits and everything cost us about $2,000.00 because almost everything was donated to us.
  We have been back in the building for about two years now and this Saturday several of the members and myself are going to replace a large section of the floor and the front door and so far the materials have cost us about $150.00.
 It seems everytime we needed something someone came along and donated it to us. But that is what I kept telling my members and what I always say is "GOD owns everything and HE can and will give it to you if you make the committment to use it in your service to him."

  HE doesn't give us what we want but what we need and that is where we have to know what to ask for.
  Anyway Pastor Rick, don't give up and don't let it get you down too much because we do have a great and all powerful GOD that loves us and wants only the best for us.
  Also on a side note we play all our music from cd's because no one can play an instrument. So my wife is our music leader and she always picks the music and the cd that we are going to use and it always works well with my message. But what I wanted to tell you here is she is my anchor and my cheerleader, whenever I get too far down she is right there showing me what GOD has been doing for me and our church.
  So like Paul, Pastor Rick, you just keep up the good fight and keep running the race all the way to the end and GOD will keep blessing you.


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